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Esoteric: Spiritual Journey Guidance Package

Esoteric: Spiritual Journey Guidance Package

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As the collective begins to awaken more and more people are beginning to align with their souls purpose/true self. Others feel the need to do so but are unsure how and need guidance. Our Esoteric: Spiritual Journey Guidance package addresses your spiritual journey needs for direction on getting started. We will assist you every step of the way for 4 months time. Upon completion of the 4 months you will be able to continue to embark on your unique and beautiful spiritual Journey. Our package includes everything you would need to get Started:

  • A digital copy of our self-love workbook
  • 4 Healing Sessions in the Healing Modality of your choice (Reiki, Angelic + Reiki, or Crystal Reiki) - This package saves $100.00 off services purchased individually
  • A healing crystal hand picked according to your needs. Includes a description of healing properties. 
  • 4 Angelic Oracle card readings (one per month) to channel messages from the angels regarding the status of your journey or advise you may need to hear from the angels during that time period
  • Spiritual Journey information sheets
  • 1 Live Session per month with a two hour time slot to discuss progress and areas of uncertainty 
  • Exploration of your zodiac and how it ties to your being
  • Suggested Spirituality Books to read for further assistance along your journey as needed
  • Angelic Coin for Protection
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