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Reiki Healing Painting

Reiki Healing Painting

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Our Reiki Healing Painting is more than just a piece of art…our painting is intoned by a Reiki Healing Master Certified Practitioner to aid in balancing of your energy and healing abilities. Our Painting is painted in healing colors that can be used as color therapy such as light blue, white, and gold. The color blue is meant to evoke a calm, healing, trusting state.The color white evokes a feeling of wholeness and completion. The color gold evokes a feeling of forgiveness, letting go of the past, and understanding.The Blue and white swirls throughout the painting represent the ebb and flow of life and how one cannot exist without the other being present. This painting will provide your body and home with a healing experience like no other. 

Product Features:

  • 22”L x 27 1/2” W x 1” D
  • Quality Acrylic Paint 
  • UV Resistant Top Coating to Protect Paint
  • Reiki symbol made with gold clay and gold acrylic paint at the center that has been intoned 
  • Opalescent Pearl beads glued at the center (Be careful with this area it is fragile) 
  • Gold Acrylic Painted Edges 
  • Reiki symbols intoned on the back of canvas
  • Signed by Artist/Reiki Healing Practitioner
  • Includes a typed note from the artist explaining the benefit of Reiki Healing and benefits of selenite crystal
  • Includes a blue and gold organza bag that holds: typed note, gold feather, piece of raw selenite, and a Saw hook to affix to the back of the canvas for wall hanging 
  • Includes alloy metal gold feather for good luck
  • Includes a piece of raw Selenite to enhance healing properties 
  • Includes a 1.5” Saw hook (Assembly required) 
  • Painting Idea is Patented and cannot be duplicated (The Reiki Healing itself is not intellectual property) 
  • Made to order as painting is intoned with healing symbols and blessings 
  • Paint and Symbol Colors may vary depending on availability of Materials (Customer will be notified of the changes prior to shipping)
  • Production takes a week and shipping within the  US takes 3-7 Business days. 
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