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Indoor EVA 2pcs Yoga Blocks 1pcs Cotton Yoga Strap

Indoor EVA 2pcs Yoga Blocks 1pcs Cotton Yoga Strap

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Enhance your yoga practice with our Indoor EVA 2pcs Yoga Blocks and 1pcs Cotton Yoga Strap. These essential tools provide added support and stability, allowing you to deepen your stretches and achieve proper alignment. Improve your flexibility and strength with our high-quality yoga blocks and strap set.


Product Features:

Material EVA
Specifications blue, black, gray
Yoga brick three-piece combination (2 yoga bricks + 1 stretching strap) Size: 25x20x15cm
EVA block: non-slip surface and beveled edges, easy to grasp, can safely support and change your posture according to your flexibility.
Cotton: 72-inch cotton is non-slip, allowing you to confidently try new poses, which is perfect for beginners to connect to basic poses.
Widely used: good equipment for Pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training or relaxation.
Made in China

Packing list:

Yoga brickx1

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