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Reiki Healing Session by Certified Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Healing Session by Certified Reiki Practitioner

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Experience the powerful benefits of distance Reiki healing with our certified Reiki practitioner. Through expertly-guided sessions, channel positive energy for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of receiving healing from anywhere in the world. Book your session now and feel the transformative effects of Reiki.

Our Distance Reiki Healing Session includes:

  • An email upon completion of purchase about our Reiki Practitioner who will be performing the healing service
  • 30 Minute channeling of Reiki Energy to Requested Recipient
  • Burning of Incense and Use of Reiki Healing Symbols to Reinforce Healing Energy Session and ensure Practitioner and Client Space is cleared of negative energy prior to beginning.

Things to know about Reiki:

  • The energy is channeled to the areas needing attention using your own Body’s chi or life force energy. 
  • You must be open to receiving the channeling of the energy in order for it to be effective 
  • It does not replace medical treatment 
  • For more deeply routed issues in make take multiple sessions to see results. We offer up to five sessions for each of our services

*Note: We offer other healing modality services as well such as Crystal and Angelic Healing all done by our Licensed Healing Practitioner

What we require in order to complete the session:

  • We require a consent form and client intake form be filled in and signed prior to your initial session. The client intake form will allow us to track your healing progress. We will send these documents to you via email to fill in and sign. 
  • A photo of you for energy channeling. The photo will be shredded upon completion of all your requested healing sessions. 
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Permission/Openness to Receive the Healing
  • Removal of All Jewelry and shoes during your session time
  • Your person sitting in a quiet, distraction-free area on a chair with your feet grounded.  Technology should be removed from the room to ensure you receive the most out of your session.
  • Upon completion of the session you can close out the healing energy connection by drinking a glass of water or throughly washing your hands (whichever you prefer). The healing will continue long after your session and the connection is closed. 
  • Do not take controlled substances at least 48 hours prior to your session to increase its effectiveness and improve the clarity of your mind for the session. Regular prescribed medications that you take daily are okay to take.

What Reiki is not?

Reiki is not medical advice or medical care. You should always seek medical advice and care from a licensed medical professional. Reiki healing is a spiritual/energetic modality that can be used in conjunction with treatments recommended by your doctor. For serious medical conditions or conditions that require a pacemaker, please consult with your doctor prior to purchasing our Reiki Healing Services.

What will you experience? 

Reported experiences vary from seeing lights and colors to feeling sensations, falling asleep, or not feeling anything at all. All experiences are relevant and one type of experience does not mean the healing experience was any more significant than any other. 

 *We Practice Practitioner-Client Confidentiality. All information discussed prior to and after the session will stay strictly between the Practitioner and client only. 

*Purchase of this service serves as an agreement to receive the described services. If you are not open to receiving the healing with an open and optimistic mind please do not purchase our services. Do not purchase our services as an alternative treatment for medical conditions. Reiki Healing services are meant to be used in conjunction with your medical treatment plans prescribed by your licensed medical doctor and not in place of them. 


*We cannot guarantee healing as a result of our services due to the nature that results depend on the individual and their unique circumstances. Purchasing our services is confirmation you understand and accept these terms. 

*We cannot offer refunds on our healing services but will offer a complimentary secondary session to work though areas that are still of concern. 

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