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Pet Reiki Healing Session by Certified Reiki Healing Practitioner

Pet Reiki Healing Session by Certified Reiki Healing Practitioner

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This Distance Pet Reiki Healing Session is conducted by a Certified Reiki Healing Practitioner, providing your pet with a holistic and non-invasive energy healing experience. With the power of pet reiki healing, your pet can benefit from increased relaxation, improved immune system, and overall well-being.

Our Distance Pet Reiki Healing Session includes:

  • An email upon completion of purchase about our Reiki Practitioner who will be performing the healing service
  • 30 Minute channeling of Reiki Energy to Requested Recipient Pet
  • Burning of Incense and Use of Reiki Healing Symbols to Reinforce Healing Energy Session and ensure Practitioner and the Pet’s Space is cleared of negative energy prior to beginning
  • This is for one healing session per specific pet within a household. If your household consists of more than one pet you will have to purchase sessions per pet. 

Things to know about Pet Reiki:

  • The energy is channeled to the areas needing attention using your pet’s chi or life force energy
  • Can be used for pets exhibiting behavioral concerns by releasing trauma’s and beliefs associated with the behavior 
  • Can be used to assist animals with smooth transitioning that are nearing death
  • You and your pet must be open to receiving the channeling of the energy in order for it to be effective 
  • For distance sessions, our Reiki Practitioner will use their mental reiki room to connect with your pet and obtain permission
  • Should your pet deny our healing channeling we will email you letting you know and refund your money as we cannot perform healing sessions on pets who do not wish to receive them for the integrity of our practice (This is a very very rare occurrence but not completely improbable)
  • It does not replace veterinary treatment 
  • For more deeply routed issues in make take multiple sessions to see results. We offer up to five sessions for each of our services

*Note: We offer other healing modality services as well such as Angelic and Reiki Healing all done by our Licensed Healing Practitioner

What we require in order to complete the session:

  • We require a consent form and client intake form on your pet to be filled in and signed prior to your pet’s initial session. The client intake form will allow us to track your pet’s healing progress. We will send these documents to you via email to fill in and sign. 
  • A photo of your pet for energy channeling. The photo will be shredded upon completion of all your requested healing sessions. 
  • Your Full Name and your Pet’s Full Name
  • Your Permission/Openness and well as your pet’s to Receive the Healing
  • Your pet relaxing in a peaceful environment 
  • Upon completion of the session we will close out the healing energy connection using designated Reiki Symbol used for the closing of connections. The healing will continue long after your session and the connection is closed. 

What Pet Reiki is not?

Pet Reiki is not veterinary advice or veterinary care. You should always seek veterinary advice and care from a licensed Veterinarian professional. Reiki healing is a spiritual/energetic modality that can be used in conjunction with treatments recommended by your Veterinarian for your pet . For serious medical conditions, please consult with your Veterinarian prior to purchasing our Pet Reiki Healing Services.

What will your Pet experience? 

Reported experiences for pet’s include appearing in a state of calm and relaxation. In some cases your pet may appear normal. All experiences are relevant and one type of experience does not mean the healing experience was any more significant than any other. 

 *We Practice Practitioner-Client Confidentiality. All information discussed prior to and after the session will stay strictly between the Practitioner and client only. 

*Purchase of this service serves as an agreement to receive the described services. If you are not open to receiving the healing for your pet with an open and optimistic mind please do not purchase our services. Do not purchase our services as an alternative treatment for medical conditions. Pet Reiki  Healing services are meant to be used in conjunction with medical treatments prescribed by your veterinarian.


*We cannot guarantee healing as a result of our services due to the nature that results depend on the individual and their unique circumstances. Purchasing our services is confirmation you understand and accept these terms. 

*We cannot offer refunds unless your pet rejects the channeling of healing energy in which we will notify you. 

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