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Esoteric Angelic Oracle Card Reading

Esoteric Angelic Oracle Card Reading

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Our Angelic Oracle Card Reading calls upon the angels and the divine to receive messages on behalf of the individual purchasing the service. Unlock divine guidance and gain insight into your life with ease. Simply provide your name and birth date or a photo and our Angelic Oracle Card Reading will allow our practitioner to connect on your behalf with the angels, providing you with the answers and wisdom you need. Your personalized reading will be delivered straight to your inbox, complete with a detailed explanation and visual representation of the cards pulled. The information provided is always positive and done with good intent and loving-kindness in mind.

Experience messages that you need to hear from the Angelic realm. During these uncertain times these angelic oracle readings can really give you something positive to look forward to with messages from the angels meant specifically for you. This is your unique experience…our licensed practitioner is simply the channel to deliver the messages. 

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