In efforts to make our products more sustainable and help the environment we are now offering our LOVE.RECYCLE.REPEAT program. We are all in this fight to sustain Mother Earth and we can each make an impact with a small sacrifice. We need your help…Mother Earth Sustains us…let’s return the favor! 

What is the LOVE.RECYCLE.REPEAT program? 

The LOVE.RECYCLE.REPEAT program is an agreement when you purchase one of our clothing products to:

Keep the product and maintain it for 1 year exactly using the least water consuming wash cycle available and Air or tumble drying method’s.

Sending us an email with a copy of your order information and that you wish to participate in the program so we can keep track. We will also send you an email close to when the year is up. We can pay for shipping but it will be deducted from your gift card amount (It will equal the amount of your original purchase price).

Returning the product to us after the 1 year is up.

Receiving a gift card to shop our store within two weeks of receipt of your original item.

The gift card does not expire. We are encouraging you to participate in the program to benefit Mother Earth. 

*In order to be eligible for the program you must maintain the product as specified above… this conserves energy and water and helps the environment. In addition to conserving water and energy, maintaining the item and keeping it for a year reduces the amount of clothing put into landfills. This is especially beneficial for our polyester and synthetic material products which take hundreds of years to biodegrade when sent to landfills. 

Upon receipt of your item we donate it toward clothing recycling organization’s across the US which will take the items and create new products using the materials.

How does this program benefit you?

*You conserve water

*You conserve energy

*You get longer wear out of your product

*You get to purchase a new item and stay on trend after the 1 Year is up 

*You are recycling your money because you get a gift card to purchase a new product 

It’s a small sacrifice to make with a ton of benefits. Let’s show Mother Earth the same love she shows us each and every day🩵

Bought a product but want to return it before a year? 

We will accept returns on any of our items outside of the 30 return policy period if you are looking to discard the item with proof of purchase. We ask you to pay for Shipping…but will offer you a $15.00 gift card (They don’t Expire) toward a new purchase upon receipt of the item. Help us reduce the 90% of waste found in landfills that can be repurposed and recycled. We love Mother Earth just as much as she loves us…let’s make an impact!