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Angelic Healing and Oracle Cards

At Love Live Repeat, we offer energy healing services for those in need via various methods all done by a certified Practitioner.

My name is Melinda, I started my journey toward spiritual healing back in 2019. I decided to take it a step further and find ways to help and inspire others to do the same…with some guidance and support. I made it my mission to get certification’s in various healing modalities so that I could assist others who needed guidance toward aligning with their highest and healed self. 

My favorite energy healing modality to practice is Angelic healing. Angelic healing involves acting as a channel to the angels to deliver healing energy and messages toward the recipient…Angelic healing allows the practitioner to connect with the 15 arcangels to receive messages and to channel healing energy to those the healing session is meant for. In addition to channeling of the angels, I enjoy pulling Angelic oracle cards which further solidify the messages the angels give. I love,love, love, using Angelite stone when doing my sessions and feel that the Angelite stone helps me to connect with the angels more quickly. 

Our Angelic Reiki Healing Session goes more in depth on the Arcangles and what their connection provides (This is unique to the individual’s reading and what arcangel messages come through during the reading). The Reiki Portion of the session channels your chi life force energy to target the areas of your body and soul that need healing. We also offer a quick channeling with our Angelic Oracle card readings for $5.00 for those who prefer not to do 30 minute sessions.

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