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Spirituality 101

Let's begin with what spirituality is...from our perspective.

Spirituality is the practice of connecting with yourself on an authentic soul level...this means connecting with yourself beyond stigma's, societal conditioning, outside influences and opinions...it is experiencing life beyond the physical/material and seeking your inner truth as well as following your inner guidance also known as your intuition. The spiritual world is what connects us beyond our human experience...It is this connectedness that shows we are all here for a purpose.

So How Do You Practice Spirituality?

In order for spiritually-based practices to be effective, you must have the intention of striking spiritual balance with yourself. Below are some recommended tools to aid in spiritual balancing and recentering of your spiritual energy (These are just recommended tools they are not needed to balance your spiritual energy...they just enhance the process):

1) Smudging or Burning Sage

2) Crystal Grids

3) Himalayan Salt Ritual

4) Meditation with Intention

5) Practicing Yoga

We will cover each of these practices individually in separate Blog Posts...More Informational Blog Posts to come Soon!

Why Practice Spirituality?

Connecting with yourself on an authentic soul level and cultivating self-love are some of the key ingredients to self-fulfillment beyond what the material can provide. Practicing spiritual self care allows you to feel balanced, whole, enlightened, conscious, self-aware, content, grateful, aligned with your purpose, and able to spread kindness where needed. Cleansing and balancing your spirit provides you with spiritual protection from the negative energies around you. Negative energies can be things such as negative words said about you, negative thoughts towards you from others or yourself, or negative actions towards you meant to evoke fear or negative emotions. 

How Does Love Live Repeat help Make a Difference in my Life & Spiritual Journey?

Our brand was founded on the premise of cultivating love from within, accepting yourself for who you truly are, and making an impact on the world by aligning with your life's purpose and continuing to make the world a better place. All of our ideologies stem from true connection with yourself on a spiritual level which has a profound way of making you see life for the beautiful but magical mystery it is... a mystery that each of us get to experience through it's high's and low's. Our brand offers tools and services to assist you with your spiritual ascension and alignment such as:

-Sage Bundles

-Spiritual Clothing

-Yoga wear or Sets

-Sound Healing Bowls

-Aroma therapy (Incense Burners)

-Meditation Cushions

-Distance Reiki Healing Services

-Distance Crystal Reiki Healing Services

-Angelic Reiki Healing Services

-Our Self Love E-Book

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Come back for more spirituality and brand related posts to come! Sending peace, love, and light your way.

Lastly, we send you off until next time with this: Remember to Trust in yourself...Trust in the universe. Align with the Divine...and your soul's truth you will find.










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