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Smudging or Burning Sage 101

This blog post will cover the basics of smudging or burning sage. 

What is the purpose of smudging?

To cleanse your mind, soul, and space of negative energy. 

What is needed to perform a smudging Cleanse:

•Sage from a reputable distributor (Check out our Healing Tools for Sage and Abalone Shells to purchase)

•A lighter or torch (We personally find a torch to be a little easier to keep the sage lit long enough)

•A clear mind with good intentions to cleanse the mind, soul, or space properly

Steps to Smudging yourself:

1) Sit outside in an open space in nature on a clear day.

2) Meditate for at least 5-10 Minutes to clear your mind and set positive intentions.

3) Use your torch or lighter to burn the sage. Be careful during this step as you can burn yourself accidentally. Do not leave the sage on the ground or unattended while lit. We recommend having an Abalone shell handy to hold the sage when not in use.

4) Start moving the sage around in circular motions around your body starting at the crown chakra and working your way down to the root chakra (The tip of your head down to the pelvis area). We recommend passing the sage around your body at least 3 times.

5) Lay your sage in an Abalone shell at least 8 inches away from yourself. Meditate for another 5-10 minutes to absorb the positive energy you have attracted to yourself during the cleanse.

6) Put the Sage out by rubbing on a surface such as concrete or sand. Your cleanse is complete.

Steps to Smudging your home from the Interior:

1) Gather your sage and Abalone shell.

2) Open all room doors and closets. Leave your doors that lead to outside off the house closed as we are creating a barrier of protection and opening those doors may break your barrier.

3) Set good intentions and thank the divine for assisting you with cleansing your space of negative energy and protecting it. 

4) Light your sage bundle with a lighter or torch. 

5) Move through your home beginning at the front door and ending back at the front door after you have smudged all areas of your living space (For multi-story homes start at the front door and work your way through all the floors and make your way back downstairs to the front door).  We recommend moving the sage through the space in a swaying motion or in a cross symbol motion. 

6) Upon making your way to the front door and completing your cleanse go outside the front door and put the sage out.

You may choose to dispose of or store your sage upon completion of your cleanses. If you prefer to keep your sage for future use be sure to put a cleansed clear quartz crystal on the sage bundle for at least 30 minutes to clear out any lingering negative energy left within the spiritual cleansing tool. 

Store your spiritual tool properly for future use in an organza, hemp, or muslin cloth bag when it has  cooled off.

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