Behind the Scenes - Summer Flow Shoot 2023 - Love Live Repeat

Behind the Scenes - Summer Flow Shoot 2023

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Shell Shine Crop Top and Capri Leggings

Welcome to our first blog post for Love Live Repeat Clothing...We wanted to provide a "Behind the Scenes" post to give our supporter's a more inclusive experience.

Let us start by introducing who we are as a brand and what we represent...Love Live Repeat Clothing was created for those who embrace themselves wholeheartedly...those who value authenticity within themselves...those who have a comfortable and healthy relationship with themselves and their purpose in life. Our brand is about authentically connecting with yourself on a spiritual level and following your path and purpose in life and creating a state of flow to provide the most influential impact you can on the world. 

Our Summer Flow Collection was inspired by the spiritual push and pull of life which you will see by our collection design names. Our Summer Flow 2023 Collection consists of the following patterns: Shades of Aura, Yin and Yang, Shell Shine, Color Consciousness, and third-eye.

Color Conscious Tee and Leggings 

The setting for this shoot was perfect! We chose to do this shoot in Wrightsville Beach, NC at one of their popular piers. The water was a beautiful blue and really set the tone for the flowy and care-free vibe we wanted to portray with this collection...This collection was made to flow effortlessly with you as you continue on this journey called life....and continue to leave your impact on the world in a positive way each and every day. Comment Below on what you think about our collection. Tell us how you choose to make an impact on the world each day.

Yin & Yang Sports Bra and Leggings and Element of Air Windbreaker

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