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5 Ways to Connect with yourself on an Authentic Soul Level

Self-love stems from establishing an authentic connection with self. Why is connecting with the essence of who you truly are so important though?…it’s simply because the longest relationship and connection you will have in your lifetime is with YOU. Below we discuss 5 ways to connect with yourself on an authentic level.

 1) Write it out

Grab a blank sheet of paper and label it with Food, Music, Values, colors, Desires, hobbies, and relationships that are important to you. Now take each of those topics and label them 1-3 each. Take 15 minutes in a quiet, safe place all to yourself and just think and connect with your heart. After the 15 minutes is up write out YOUR top 3 for each of the topics that speak to you. 

2) Try it out 

For the topics on your list you are unsure of….try them out…and really feel them out and see what your heart and intuition tells you. An example would be you put a hobby of playing and instrument…play the instrument and tune into how you truly feel while playing it…Do you feel joy? Do you feel anxiety? Do you feel burdened? Do you feel fulfilled? All these questions matter when trying to connect with yourself on a soul level.

3) Set time for it 

Designate time for the topics and relationships on your list that bring you the most Joy. Make it a habit to have a healthy balance of multiple topics in your daily routine/rituals to feel the most satisfaction, fulfillment, and connected with yourself. 

4) Take inventory 

Take Inventory of topics such as your values, relationships, and hobbies annually to ensure you are still in alignment with those factors as you continue your path toward spiritual growth and understanding of your authentic self. 

5) Enjoy the Process

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is a very exciting journey to embark on. Enjoy the process and take your time getting to know yourself more intimately…Getting to know yourself better should be a fun experience…so make it one🩵


Love LLR 🧿 



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